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Giselle Fernandez


About this future Website

Welcome courageous, empowered  authentic women of the world -- global women - multi cultural women -- universal women, who proudly own and celebrate your truth,  authenticity,  unique and essential strengths, spirit and gifts.

You know you are the daughter's of destiny with a mark to leave in this world.

This is a site, a home to be unapologetically bold and brazen about your gifts, unstoppable potential and absolute intention to wildly transform this planet with your unique voice and maverick contributions to the world.

We are now entering the time of the divine feminine - where indigenous prophesies for centuries have Heralded this time of awakening as the epoch of the woman -- her womb creator, collaborative, unifying energies emerging now in this time to heal and transform this planet. We are the ones we've been waiting for. It's not just about shattering glass ceilings. It's about shattering illusions, limitations and paradigms within ourselves that hold us back from being brave, brilliant and bold.

My name is Giselle Fernandez, a proud Mexican American Jewish woman who has been a long time journalist, philanthropist, activist and businesswoman but mostly mom of a beautiful Mayan warrior princess I adopted from Guatemala at birth.

I marvel at the grace of her indigenous knowing; in awe of her connection to her essential self. She has always known exactly who she is, what she likes, what she loves and what she needs to feel safe. Every one of us should honor that connection to source within us all and feel that entitled grace to manifest that which we are here to fully experience and embody.

This site honors a woman's gift of insight, creativity, intuition and unbridled capacity to transform the world with her, intellect, strength and spirit.

I have been up, down and back again and know the power of a woman's resilience, our intuitive knowing and ability to rise up again and again, transform, grow, evolve and make a profound difference in the world. In my travels as a reporter here at home and across the world, I was in awe of all the women I encountered whether in war zones or everyday battlegrounds of life, whose resilience, courage and daring transformed their circumstances.

It's imperative to share the stories of Daring Dames who've broken with convention, achieved excellence and magnificent heights no matter the obstacles.

By sharing stories of triumph, courage, self respect and daring feats against all odds, we all are inspired to dare and boldly realize  the full capacity of who we are born to be.

Welcome to I Am Woman - Soy Mujer -- where we boldly go where we as women are born to be!